What is the Difference Between State and Union Territories?

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Difference Between State and Union Territories: India is one of the largest counties in the world. The country’s administrative powers and responsibilities are divided between the central government and various units in the form of states and union territories. When it comes to administrative divisions of the country, there is total of 28 states and 9 Union Territories after the inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

If are confused about the difference between state and union territories, this article will help to understand the political geography of our country. Here we will discuss the important aspects of the State and Union Territories which help you answer general knowledge questions and improve your academic performance.

What is a State?

When we discussing about the difference between state and union territories, as per the Indian constitution, a state is an independent that has its own separate government. The state elects its government, which has the right to make its own laws. The Parliament does not make the laws for a state. A state has a chief minister and its Legislative Assembly for administration. Moreover, a state has a larger geographical area and population than a union territory.

What is Union Territory?

A union territory is a type of administrative division in India which is ruled directly by the Union government (Central Government). Union Territories are administered by an Administrator appointed by the President. Union Territories in India have special rights and status due to the process of formation and development. Union Territories except Delhi and Puducherry have no representation in the Rajya Sabha.

Difference Between State and Union Territories

Here we share a detailed difference between state and union territories in India that will help you understand the two units and how they are governed. Here we show the comparision between state and union territories in a table –

State Union Territory
It larger geographical area and population It has a small area and a smaller population.
It is an independent unit.  It is not an independent unit.
It elects its Government. It is ruled by the Central Government.
A state is administered by a Chief Minister. A union territory is administered by the Lieutenant Governor.
The Chief Minister is elected through an election. The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the President.
The Governor is the head of the state. The President is the head of the union territory.
A state has more powers than a union territory. All the powers lie in the hands of the Central Government.
There are 28 states in India. There are 8 union territories in India.
Examples: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana Examples: Delhi, Puducherry, Chandigarh

How Delhi and Puducherry are different from other Union Territories?

India has a total of nine Union Territories, of which three (3), i.e. Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Puducherry have their elected members and Chief Ministers, as they have been granted the status of partial states through constitutional amendments. They have legislature and executive councils and operators like states, unlike other union territories.

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