How to Start UPSC Preparation – The Beginner’s Guide to Clear IAS Exam in 2021

How to Start UPSC Preparation: UPSC exam is the most privileged exam in India. Lakhs of people fill the form every year, and very few of them get selected. For clearing the exam, one must know the proper way to start the preparation, its prerequisites, and everything else. If you want to clear the UPSC exam on the first attempt, then study smart, break your limits, and get used to it.  

How to Start UPSC Preparation-Tips

1. Make a Strong Mindset 

To clear the UPSC exam, one needs a strong dedication, one who enjoys their own company and can be alone but not lonely and depressed. First, analyze every aspect of the UPSC exam and then decide, because one can often feel lethargic or demotivated. It will help you if you find someone and start talking with someone who already cleared this exam or has gone through this.

They can give the best view of this spectrum. Stay away from the negativity, do not lose hope, and keep yourself calm. You can also join an IAS coaching institute. There are many coaching institutes in the market, but The Thought Tree provides mentorship and study material. Coaching institutes will help you in your entire journey. 

2. Plan the Strategy 

First, get to know about exam stages and their syllabus, then plan accordingly. UPSC exam has three stages, namely prelims, mains, and interviews. Most of the UPSC aspirants find themselves so baffled while preparing for examination strategy. Hence to help yourself out, read articles about UPSC preparation tips and talk to your mentors. You can also speak to your seniors in this field and go for good and authentic preparation tips. Make yourself updated about every information regarding the UPSC examination.

3. Read Newspaper

To keep yourself acknowledged of what is happening in your society or country, you must have a newspaper reading habit. After reading the newspaper, you can understand the country’s actual situation and learn about the miseries of society and think of a better solution for them. It can be your foundation for the civil services exam because UPSC asks for “a problem-solving attitude towards society.”

4. Read NCERT

No matter from which field you belong, you must understand the basic core subjects of the UPSC exam. Must go through NCERT books. These books are readily available on many websites for free, and read carefully and make notes. You can also join the telegram channels for quick availability of your notes, which can be an efficient tool for you to study.

5. Practice Answer Writing

For the exam, answer writing practice and revision play a vital role in your entire journey. Once you have completed any chapter, you can go for answer writing practice. While reading the newspaper, you can write an essay on the prevalent topic and revise it to check any errors or give your answers to read by somebody else to review their honest answer about your answer and always go for the publication of the standard book and for current affairs you can choose authentic magazines like success mirror or India today. 

6. Mock Test-Based Learning

Before some months of your exam, go for a mock test to have an examination feeling. It can help you decide the answer to writing patterns and time management skills. Check your weak areas and revise your syllabus. You can join the Best IAS Coaching Institute for the Mock Test Series. 

7. Subject Wise Preparation Strategy

It is essential because you have less confidence in which subject, and how much time it requires, and how much it can help you in your exam. Please search for your scoring subjects and how to prepare for them. Study what is needed and important, do not waste your time by studying irrelevant material. Stick to the syllabus.

8. Discussion is the Key 

Here we have shared brief information on “How to Start UPSC Preparation”. Peer learning is the best way of learning in solving the common queries of all. Make a group for discussion and discuss the issues related to various subjects. You will get to know about a different approach for the same query.

You can join coaching also to prepare yourself, and they will provide you the resources for your exam. Some guidelines from expert faculty work. They have their test series, which help students in preparing for their exams. 

It is well said that “we can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water,” so we need to dive into it. UPSC indeed has a vast syllabus because its responsibility is too big. So plunge into the sea of knowledge and get out yourself with flying colors. The single and most important thing that differentiates between failures and success in the UPSC exam is having confidence in yourself and keeping your spirit high even when you are going through a tough time.

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