A Complete List Of Largest and Smallest States of India

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Largest and Smallest States of India: India is the 7th largest country in the world by area and 2nd largest country by population. It is located in South Asia. India, a union of states, is a sovereign, secular, democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. There are 28 states and 8 union territories in India. The capital of India is New Delhi.

According to the Indian Constitution, a state is an independent one with its own separate government. The state elects its government, which has the right to make its own laws. Also, a state has a chief minister and its Legislative Assembly for administration. Today, in this article we will share with you A Complete List Of Largest and Smallest States of India.

Which is Largest State of India?

Not many people know which is the largest state in India by area or population. There is a total of 28 states and 8 union territories in India. The largest state in India is the state of Rajasthan and the smallest state in India in terms of area is Goa. Rajasthan has an area of 342,239 km2 while Goa has an area of 3,702 km2.

Largest and Smallest States of India-Area Wise

Here is the list of Largest and Smallest States of India below –

State Name Area (Km2)
Rajasthan 342,239
Madhya Pradesh 308,245
Maharashtra 307,713
Uttar Pradesh 240,928
Gujarat 196,024
Karnataka 191,791
Andhra Pradesh 162,968
Odisha 155,707
Chhattisgarh 135,191
Tamil Nadu 130,058
Telangana 112,077
Bihar 94,163
West Bengal 88,752
Arunachal Pradesh 83,743
Jharkhand 79,714
Assam 78,438
Himachal Pradesh 55,673
Uttarakhand 53,483
Punjab 50,362
Haryana 44,212
Kerala 38,863
Meghalaya 22,429
Manipur 22,327
Mizoram 21,081
Nagaland 16,579
Tripura 10,486
Sikkim 7,096
Goa 3,702

Largest Union Territory Of India

There are 8 union territories in India. The largest Union Territory of India is Jammu & Kashmir while the smallest is Lakshadweep. Here is the list of largest union territories in India by area.

Union Territory Name Area (km2)
Jammu and Kashmir 125,535
Ladakh 96,701
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 8,249
Delhi 1,484
Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu 603
Puducherry 479
Chandigarh 114
Lakshadweep 32.62
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List Of Largest State of India by Population

Organization Last date Details
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Kerala Public service Commission 2/11/2022 CHECK>>
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Eastern Railway 29/10/2022 CHECK>>
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NCDC 31/10/2022 CHECK>>
Organization (Admit) Exam Date Details
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DRDO CEPTAM  6to11/01/2023 CHECK>>
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BSF  3rd Week of December CHECK>>
WBCSC 8/01/2023 CHECK>>


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