A Complete List Of Oceans Of the World

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List Of Oceans Of the World: Oceans are vast bodies of salt water that cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface. The ocean contains 97% of the planet’s water, yet more than 95 percent of the underwater world remains unexplored. Oceans and lakes play an integral role in many of Earth’s systems, including climate and weather. According to NOAA, there is only one world ocean.

However, this ocean is divided into geographical regions with distinct names by countries and oceanographers. Although the ocean plays a major role in sustaining life on Earth, we have only explored 20% of the ocean. The largest ocean in the world is Pacific Ocean followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic Ocean, which is smallest ocean in the world.

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List Of Oceans Of the World

1. Pacific Ocean: The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world’s five oceans. The Pacific Ocean covers about 162,200,000 square kilometers and has the longest coastline of about 135,663 kilometers. It is located between the eastern coastline of Africa and Asia and the western coastline of the American landmass. It is also bounded by the Antarctic Ocean to the south and the Arctic Ocean to the north.

2. Atlantic Ocean: Atlantic Ocean is the second largest oceans of the world. It is surrounded by Europe and Africa to the east and America to the west and covers about 106,400,000 square kilometers. The Atlantic Ocean consists of the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Indian Ocean: The Indian Ocean is the third largest oceans of the world. The ocean covers an area of about 73,556,000 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the east coast of Africa which forms the coast of Middle East and India to the north. Australia and Southeast Asia separate the Indian Ocean from the Pacific Ocean.

4. Antarctic Ocean: The Antarctic Ocean is the fourth largest oceans of the world that covers an area of about 20,327,000 square kilometers. It is also known as the ‘Southern Ocean’ since it is situated next to the South Pole. It meets the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean in a continuous easterly current.

5. Arctic Ocean: The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the world that covers an area of about 13,986,000 square kilometers. The Arctic Ocean is bounded by the continents of North America and Eurasia. For most of the year, the Arctic Ocean is covered by thick ice caps and remains inaccessible even in summer.

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